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    Comfort After Wash Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner – 1.6 L

    • New Comfort Fabric Conditioner now with fragrance pearls gives all-day freshness to your clothes.
    • New Comfort After Wash Fabric Softener Lily Fresh (Blue) 1.5l Can makes clothes soft, smooth & great to wear
    • Use New Comfort Fabric Conditioner to get Unbeatable shine & fragrance that detergents alone can't deliver
    • Your New Comfort Fabric Conditioner goes deep into the fibres of the cloth & smoothens them, protecting from the damage caused by detergent, and gives them a 'new-like shine'
    • New Comfort is a liquid Fabric Conditioner that works well with bucket wash as well as machine wash
    • Your New Comfort Fabric Conditioner has fragrance pearls that get embedded in the fibres of clothes and release fragrance all day!”
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    Comfort After Wash Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner Pouch – 2 L

    • Comfort is an after wash fabric conditioner
    • Only detergent is not enough - Comfort is a small step after wash that coats each cloth fibre with a protective layer and prevents the damage caused by repeated washing
    • New-like shine - Comfort nourishes and untangles cloth fibres damaged by washing and gives clothes an unbelievable shine
    • Long-lasting freshness - now with fragrance pearls for long-lasting freshness
    • Visibly soft clothes - leaves clothes feeling soft, smooth and great to wear
    • Easy to use - now its easy to use Comfort pure in both bucket as wells as machine wash
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    Rin Ala Bleach – 500 ml

    • Highly advanced bleach releases oxygen
    • Removes tough stains
    • Ensures dress is in brightest best
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    Surf Excel Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent – 1.02 L

    • New Surf excel matic liquid front load washing detergent gives you 100% stain removal in washing machines
    • Faster Stain Removal in Machines - New Surf excel matic liquid detergent with a powerful cleaning technology penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains in machines itself
    • Easy & Better Dissolution: Being liquid detergent it dissolves quickly in high water level environment of washing machines, reaches stains effortlessly and leaves no residue on clothes or in machines
    • Machine Care: Its designed to produce foam as per washing machine type that ensures no clogging and choking of pipes and reduces scaling issues
    • Superior Fragrance:It ensures that your clothes not only look fresh but also smell fresh
    • Color Care: It removes tough stains in machines but retains original color of the fabric
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    Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder, 2 kg

    • Tough stain removal in machine with Surf excel matic
    • Surf excel matic top load is designed to work in high water level (40 liters) of top load washing machines
    • Surf excel matic top load laundry detergent dissolves completely leaving no residue on your clothes on in the machine
    • Surf excel matic top load laundry detergent has an advanced technology that gives you handwash like clean in machines itself
    • 1 scoop of Surf excel matic = 2 scoops of ordinary handwash detergent
    • Surf excel matic top load laundry detergent is the no.1 matic detergent and is recommended by leading washing machine manufacturers
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    Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover Washing Liquid – 800 ml

    • Delivers unbeatable stain removal efficacy that no detergent alone can deliver
    • Removes the toughest of stains that no washing powder alone can remove
    • Whitens your whites and brightens your coloured garments with its active brighteners
    • Use Vanish easily with both hand wash and machine wash, both direct and diluted. Add Vanish along with your detergent and get dry-clean like results for your everyday clothes in every wash
    • Available Variants: Vanish Powder- 120g, 240g & 450g, Vanish Liquid- 180ml, 400ml & 800ml
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